St Thomas Sr. Secondary School
Sector-8, Faridabad - 121 006, Haryana, India, Ph: +91-129-2247620
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Class X School Toppers : Sahil Gupta: 96.6 % Vansh Tandon : 94.4% Anamika Binu : 94.2%.....Class XII School Toppers: Deepanshu Thakur : 96.6%, Kritika Goel : 92.2%, Kartik Shandilya :93.6%..........Congratulations
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Christmas Celebration - 2017

Christmas Celebration 2017


"Education bestows a man with refined and culture character

that shines out like a beacon to light up the universe."

Way back in 1984, the founders of St. Thomas Senior Sec. School had a vision to give the best in education, to ignite the spark among the students and to make a mission in life to give strong character, high principles and of tolerant and sympathetic outlook.

With this humble mission, the seedling that was planted twenty six years ago with a handful of students and staff has grown into a huge tree with about 1800 students and a galaxy of dedicated staff.



S-Student studies with interest

T-Treats everyone with respect

T-Tender and True

H-Heart of purest gold

O-Ocean of love

M-Million things it does for students


S-Shines with joy